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Happy Holidays
December 2018

2018 - A review

We look back at several highlights for 2018, much of which happened in the second half of the year contained in this newsletter. Many of our successes are due to newly added funders who we thank very much for their support. This enabled us to make a difference in much needed fields of education, urban greening and food security.

Making us Proud
From Youth Club to Conservation student

Our work with our school youth clubs sometimes come with unexpected rewards, confirming that our work at schools do have a positive impact. During women’s month in August, Kamogelo Seloga, who was a youth club member at Lehlabile Secondary School, and now a Nature Conservation student at TUT, contacted us to assist her with some practical work. Solomon Kutumela, one of our environmental facilitators, assisted Kamogelo and some of her peers with a miniSASS (Stream Assessment Scoring System) water investigation at our local river, Kamogelo being the main convenor. We are proud of you Kamogelo, and hope that you will become a change maker for the environment.

Making Us Proud

Says Kamogelo:

"I become a member of Walter Sisulu Youth Club in 2013 when I was attending school at Lehlabile Secondary school. I became a committee member in 2014 and in 2015 to 2016 I was the Chair person.

Being a member of WSEC made me realise that you are never too young to make a difference. I never thought that in my life I will ever be a leader because I didn't have the confidence to speak in front of people, but this program gave me the opportunity to lead, educate and stand in front of people and share my thoughts. Today I'm on a path of pursuing a career in nature conservation with a wish to become an environmental educator and help others acquire the knowledge and understanding about the environment.

I always wanted to pursue a career on anything related to the environment, taking part in this program opened my eyes. I met many people from different professions in environmental studies who gave me information that helped me to choose the path that I'm in right now and I will forever be grateful for that."

Women in Science
Celebrating Women’s Day 2018

In celebration of Women’s Day, we hosted a group of mothers and daughters at our centre to encourage girl learners to take up careers in Maths, Science and Technology. Ms Selloane Nyaredi, CEO of the Platinum Incubator and one of the finalists from the National Science and Technology Forum (NSTF) awards addressed the group, encouraging girls not remain determined in the face of any challenges. Being faithful to her studies and not giving up, is what made her successful.

Celebrating Women’s Day 2018

2018 Mamelodi Greening
September is Arbor Month

The Mamelodi Greening program was launched in 2008 and focuses on visible community driven urban greening by planting shade and fruit trees within Mamelodi. To date we have planted more than 30000 trees. During the month of August, community members were recruited and trained as urban foresters to mobilise community members in Nellmapius Section 24 to plant trees at their homes. On 8 September we hosted a very successful event together with volunteers from Assupol. 800 Trees were distributed to community members who brought their tree tokens to plant trees at their homes. A further 105 trees were planted by Assupol volunteers themselves at Thuto Bhutlare Secondary School in celebration of Assupol’s 105th Birthday. We thank Assupol for a most memorable day.

Mamelodi Greening program

Ford Global Care Month
Building stronger communities

Globally, thousands of Ford volunteers come together during the month of September to build stronger communities through volunteerism. The Mandela Park Peace Garden is a community food garden adjacent to our Centre that provides infrastructure to community members from the area to grow crops to supplement their income and provide fresh nutrition to their families. However, the garden was plagued with theft, and numerous times the palisade fence was cut, and the pumps were stolen. On 21 and 22 September Ford volunteers came to the rescue with much needed infra-structure upgrades to the water supply, security and general maintenance. A living hedge of 100 Dovyalis caffra trees were planted to strengthen the perimeter and keep the thieves at bay. The support was much appreciated by all the members of the garden.

Building stronger communities

World Clean Up Day
15 September

On this day people worldwide take part in clean-up initiatives to remove litter and other types of waste from the world’s rivers, parks, cities, and trails as plastic in the natural environment is extremely harmful to wildlife and humans as it clogs our waterways, contaminates food chains, traps and kills wild animals and pollutes the natural world. Mamelodi, like many other settlements, is plagued by a high level of waste pollution and littering. To support this global event, our youth club members together with some volunteers from Women Working for Water came together to demonstrate to the community that littering is a bad habit which destroys the futures of both people and nature. All together we picked up 100 bags of litter in the park and the area surrounding our Centre.

World Clean Up Day

School Greening
Mahube Secondary School

In September we started a new indigenous garden at Mahube Secondary School in Mamelodi. The educators, learners and gardeners participated in the designing and planting of a new garden at the entrance to the school. Over a period of two months the gardening team would meet once a week, to learn about the value of indigenous plants, how to design a garden, prepare the soil, planting and lastly maintaining the garden. The success of this garden was mainly because of the full support we got from the principal and the educator. We hope that this garden will assist the educator in teaching about Biodiversity in his subject. We believe that every garden planted will become a stepping stone to promote biodiversity and greening our urban communities.

School Greening
WSEC Programmes

Our aim is to be a leading environmental education and resource centre that demonstrates models of best practice within the community and creates champions for a sustainable future.